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How to Make Yourself Throw Up

If you are looking for how to make yourself throw up, you will find this website useful. Here we will go over multiple ways to make yourself force vomit in the event you swallow something harmful. Knowing this information could save your life some day. Forcing yourself to vomit can be very beneficial, and even […]



Blue Waffles Disease Details

Some protective measures and incorrect referring might also be discussed. The names listed below may not be used to describe this disease. Blue Waffle Disease These are commonly confused or wrong descriptions Blue Berry Waffle Black Berry Waffle Quick Drying Towels Itching Vagina Dirty Waffle These should never be used to mention or describe this […]



Expert Equipment Picks

This page is all about my personal picks for equipment, some of this equipment I already own and use in my home gym, and some is on my wish list. I recently expanded my home gym by knocking out a wall in the basement so I have room to roam now. Some recent additions to […]