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Expert Equipment Picks

This page is all about my personal picks for equipment, some of this equipment I already own and use in my home gym, and some is on my wish list.

I recently expanded my home gym by knocking out a wall in the basement so I have room to roam now.

Some recent additions to my home gym include a Bosu Ball, Bodylastics Resistance Bands, Hex Dumbells and the best exercise ball on the market.

I’m always on the lookout for new equipment and change my gym a lot based on what type of training I’m into.

Here are my exercise equipment picks for 2010…

Exercise Equipment Picks for 2010

Weight Bench
The Ironmaster Super Bench really is super. What appears to be an ordinary weight bench is actually a fully finctional home gym in disguise.

It’s kind of like Clark Kent – sure he looks unassuming until you see him flying around in his Super Man cape kicking bad guy butts all over town.

With add-on attachments like a pull-up tower, dip handles, cable tower, barbell adapter and dumbell stands the super bench can do it all, and for a fair price.

Elliptical Trainer
When my elliptical gives out (come on baby, give out) I’m getting the Sole e95 Elliptical. This is one sweet machine that compares with club models but costs thousands less.

Ab Machine
This exercise ball will kick ass all over any ab machine those late night TV idiots can dream up. As a bonus, it’s less expensive and more versatile!

Home Gym
I’m sick of the commercials, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Bowflex Revolution is one cool gym. Good for core and sport training in a small package – sweet.

Smith Machine
Yes, I own a Smith Machine already and would have bought the Body Solid Series 7 if I didn’t find a floor model closeout that I couldn’t pass on. The Body Solid dominates the wanna be “bushing” smith machines.

I’m planning to “break up” with my old treadmill and get the Sole F85 Treadmill. Why? How about wireless heart rate control, a long warranty, huge running area, great display and solid motor. Did I mention it folds too?