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How to Remove Tonsil Stones Successfully

Are you feeling consistent pain when trying to swallow something and it seems like your throat and tonsils are fine? You could possibly be suffering from tonsillolith, or tonsil stones.

Medical professionals don’t seem to pay to much attention to this condition even though it is very common and the reason is because it does not cause major health problems. Tonsil stones usually form in small holes of the tonsils. This part in the throat can have many crevices or openings, this causes anyone who is prone to developing tonsil stones a problem, but not all people develop this condition.

The stones themselves can be found in the lingual and palatine zones within the human tonsils and are quite small, roughly the size of a pea. They are made up of different minerals and once the tonsil stones are extracted you can find calcium and magnesium in them, sometimes the stones are made up of ammonia residues and at times carbonate material also.

Tonsil stones only weigh three hundred milligrams, because of the size of them and the fact that they don’t usually cause any fatalities, this is the reason doctors are never very concerned about the condition.

Removing the stones

The best and easiest way to have tonsil stones removed is to take a visit to an ear, nose and throat doctor (an ENT doctor) and they will remove the foreign body in your throat and it can then be examined.

If you are in a lot of discomfort everyday and you think you might have one or two tonsil stones, then visiting an ENT doctor and having them removed is the best thing to do.

Something you should remember is that when people develop tonsil stones once, they more often than not will develop them again. If you notice that you have bad breath constantly then you should visit your ENT doctor, because tonsil stones are known to cause bad breath.

In studies recently it has shown that a big reason for these calcified, hard stones forming is from bacteria. You may or may not already know this but everybody’s mouth has millions of bacteria in it at any given time.

So when the bacteria in your mouth and in your throat combine and gain the upper hand, you can easily imagine the pain and discomfort it will cause in the throat area.

There is another method that people use to remove tonsil stones themselves without going to an ENT doctor and the way this is done is by manually dislodging the stones with the use of something like a cotton swab.

Doctors always recommend paying them a visit for nearly all health conditions, but it seems doing this home remedy yourself is okay. You will have to withstand the discomfort from gagging by sticking a cotton swab or other suitable object so close to your throat.

If you use a mirror and try to control the gagging for a certain amount of time, you should be able to remove the tonsil stones, and if they are quite close to the opening of the throat you should be able to locate them easily.