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Types of Skin Rashes

There are several types of skin rashes each of which have unique symptoms and cures depending on the initial cause of the rash.

Rashes on the face may be a reaction to certain cosmetics. In such a case, a person should immediately stop using any new cosmetics and consult a doctor.

If the rashes itch sometimes you will find itchy skin no rash often on your skin, olive oil or aloe Vera can be used to sooth the itching. Lotions that are rich in Vitamin E are useful in getting rid of almost all types of skin rashes.

Facial rashes may also be a reaction to food that an individual may be allergic. A person with rashes on the skin should avoid causing any abrasion such as scrubbing that serves to irritate the rashes.

Skin Rash On Neck

Rashes on the neck tend to vary in location and appearance depending on the cause of the rash.

They may occur as spots on the neck or flaking or peeling off of skin around the neck. A sudden neck rash may be caused by reaction to new jewelry or food and it may disappear as quickly by simply avoiding the food or jewelry.

There are types that appear as a symptom to severe diseases such as meningitis which is accompanied by purple spots on the neck. The patient should seek immediate medical attention in such a case.

Rash Under Armpit

Rashes under the armpit may be attributed to the sensitivity of the under arm after shaving or introducing harsh soaps or deodorants.

Washing clothes with new detergent may also cause an inflammation around the arm pits. There are some severe medical conditions that initially appear as under arm rashes such as the Lyme disease.

There are some types of skin rashes that appear as a result of new deodorant or body spray that reacts to under arm skin. The use of all newly acquired clothes or detergents should be halted. This is for the patient to determine the cause of the rashes.

Rash On Stomach

Rashes on the stomach may be an indication of a mild allergic reaction to food. Some rashes on the stomach may also be symptoms of serious or life threatening diseases such as psoriasis in adults.

Psoriasis manifests as white scaly spots on the stomach and maybe itchy. Types of skin rashes that are accompanied by other symptoms such as fever may be indications of autoimmune disorders where the body destroys its own protective cells.

Rashes accompanied by fainting and difficulty in breathing or retention of fluids in the face and feet are serious symptoms. Immediate medical attention is advised.

Rashes On Babies

Rashes on babies vary in intensity and cause. Common diaper rash and heat rash may be treated by keeping the diaper area free of wetness and using mild soap on the area.

Baby acne and eczema are types of skin rashes that are common in babies that are a couple of weeks old.

They occur as the sensitive skin gets accustomed to the environment. Chicken pox also manifests as rashes on the body. It can be easily treated using prescribed lotions and soothing baths. Ringworm express themselves as mild fungal rashes that appear in ring from all over the body.