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Who we Are?

Welcome to Duostack, a steakhouse restaurant conveniently located in the state capital of New South Wales, Sydney.With the commitment of satisfying our valued customers, we make our perfectly aged prime beef steaks the main attraction along with nearly two-dozen various caviar selections and 50-plus-item dessert menu plus the snazzy cocktails served in the dining room.

Starting from small and humble beginnings, Duostack has tremendously blossomed into a steakhouse restaurant where you can serenely wine and dine, and simply enjoy our unique appetizing dishes. Constantly available are fresh seafood, steaks, and vegetables, which are perfectly seasoned and cooked or grilled to order.We source meats from all over the best purveyors in Australia while our vegetables are sourced directly from the markets and delivered everyday of the week to make certain fresh products are always available to our dear customers. Even our seafood is sourced straight from Sydney’s finest fish market, which we believe our customers will definitely approve of.

We have put together an innovative menu with meat dishes whose preparations and sauces require expert cooking skills–something our talented chefs possess. With our plus-size porterhouse steak and seasonal salads, it will take staunch carnivores into an elated daze. And the method of how we prepare our steak has not changed since the first day we fired up so rest assured the first time you tasted it will be the same when you taste it again.We also take pride in our wide selection of wine list that you can choose from because everyone knows a perfectly cooked steak tastes best with a quality wine.

Duostack generally is about giving you our esteemed customers not just an ordinary meal but a unique culinary experience that will have you coming back for more.We want you to be satisfied so satisfaction we will give you.